Dear Sir,

MAY I refer to the letter of Mr. Ian McGregor published in the June 25, 2005 issue of the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

The incident referred to by Mr. McGregor was not an isolated one by a small group of “bigoted” people, but part of a national civil demonstration in support of the Catholic Family which, on the 18th of June, mobilized more than a million people in Madrid in support of this cause.

We do not see coming out in defence of the Catholic Family as any impediment to continuous progress in modern Spain nor do we see its perpetuators as “bigots”. For the information of your non-Catholic readers, Catholics consider marriage as a sacrament, a contract between a man and a woman to live together for the rest of their lives, to bring children into this world and to care for them and prepare them for the day when they will have to go out on their own.

This has been for us, and for most of the world, the definition of the word marriage. If homosexuals want to live together, let them live together. If homosexual couples want to enjoy civil and economic privileges given to heterosexual couples, let them enjoy these. If homesexual couples want some kind of a ceremony and a certificate to certify their union, let them have it. What we object to is that this be called a marriage as by definition, it is not a marriage which requires the union of a man and a woman and the bringing of children into the world. Thousands of new words have been introduced into the dictionary.

We know the word “gay” which is used by the homosexuals themselves. Why not develop a new word to signify a homosexual union? Why should Catholics be forced to accept a change in the traditional meaning of the world marriage? We believe that the traditional meaning of the word “marriage” should be respected. As to the adoption of children by homosexual unions, the prime consideration is the well-being of the adopted child. Experts disagree on the effect of the adoption of a child by a homosexual couple. Catholics believe that a child needs a father and a mother of different sexes.

Hence, we believe that adoption of children by homosexual couples should not be allowed. Catholic officials should not be forced to perform “homosexual marriages” against their conscience as would be required by the proposed law presently being considered in the Spanish Cortes. There is no freedom in forcing someone to act against his conscience. We do not see how sticking to our beliefs can be considered an impediment to progress in modern Spain. Spanish Catholics also have rights which should be considered and respected.

Pedro Picornell Marti, Palma de Majorca.


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