By Jason Moore

It has been a long time since a U.S. aircraft carrier has moored in the Port of Palma but it is good to see them back. The aircraft carrier, Enterprise , is no stranger to the port of Palma, infact she has been a regular visitor over her long career. But over recent years, as a result of operational commitments and for other reasons, the U.S. Navy carriers have gone elsewhere. This was quite a major blow to Palma, because their crews spend many millions of dollars when they are on leave in Majorca. It wasn´t long ago that there were bars which opened exclusively when the U.S. Navy was in town. I know it sounds incredible but ten years ago there was always a U.S. Navy vessel in port. But times have changed and over recent years the number of vessels visiting the port has fallen dramatically. Perhaps the arrival of the Enterprise, will mean a return to the old days when Palma was the most popular liberty port with the U.S. Navy. Back in the 1970s the crew of visiting U.S. warships from the Mediterranean fleet would organise parties for children across the island. These were big events with hamburgers and soft drinks and American candy. The U.S. Navy has always enjoyed a warm welcome in Palma and I hope that this will be extended to the crew of the Enterprise. Majorca has a lot to offer and 5'000 sailors will certainly help ease the recession which has hit some bars and restaurants in the city and further afield. Big E. nice to see you back and enjoy your stay.


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