Dear Sir,
MAY I draw attention to the diabolical state of the pavements, particularly in the Puerto Pollensa area.
On the one hand, there is a fine waterfront promenade perfect for walkers and runners alike. Contrast this, across the road, where the so-called pavement is unkempt and riddled with pot holes and has been left neglected like this for years. Many of the side streets are no better. More consideration has been given to cars than to pedestrians.
Meanwhile, accidents that could easily be avoided are occurring daily. This must be an unnecessary drain on hospital resources.
Tourist Board, please note, that we come to Majorca for a holiday and relaxation and not worrying about our safety.
Beatrice Bourke, Pollensa
Dear Sirs,
I HAVE been on the Island for two weeks now, enjoying all the Island has to offer at this time. I have enjoyed the concerts in the patios, and that is my main reason for being here at this time. I have also enjoyed the twice-weekly concerts given by the Banda Municipal de Musica who have been performing in the Plaza Mayor.
While sitting enjoying their music, and the very high standard of their playing, we have also noticed how sad and tired looking the Plaza is becoming. It really needs a coat of paint on the walls, all the green shutters need repainting to give them all a uniform colour, and the magnificent lighting needs restoration work.
All those beautiful lamps which hand from the centre of every arch need washing and repainting. And the four magnificent candelabra lights which stand in the four corners of the Plaza would look superb with cleaned glass panels and a new coat of paint.
I do not know who is responsible for the maintenance of this Plaza - the owners of the apartments or the Palma Council, but can I say this to the Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, please discuss this at your meeting this week on the state of the Majorcan capital. This magnificent Plaza possibly the jewel in the city's crown needs attention.
Brian Griffiths, Illetas


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