Dear Sir, l HAVING recently returned from our annual holiday in Puerto Pollensa, I would like to comment on a couple of items.
Firstly, your newspaper ran an article regarding the thoughtlessness of people parking over crossings. Whilst I agree, I was surprised to see that, on at least one crossing on the Formentor road, a Blue Zone has been painted over the crossing! If one were to park and pay there, it would be clearly a legal place to park.

As far as access for the disabled is concerned, I have been pleased to see that disabled parking zones have been put in by the main beach – but how are we to access them from the other side of the road? There are few dropped pavements, sometimes only on one side of the road, so it means a long detour to get across the road. This applies in many parts of the island.

Finally, you have over the years mentioned the dog mess on the pavements in Puerto Pollensa (and other places). It's good to see doggy bags and bins provided, and it certainly has helped. However, I was dismayed to see huge amounts of mess under the pine trees on what is a beautiful part of Alcudia beach. We love the beach for its gently shelving and shallow sea, and the shade the pine trees provide, but my grandchildren were stepping in this awful mess all the time – and the smell, in the heat, was nauseating. I offer no answer to this problem, the owners are clearly responsible, but I don't know how it can be rectified.

In closing, may I say that we have been coming to Majorca for 22 years, the majority of them to Puerto Pollensa, and long may our vists continue! Yours faithfully Eileen McGhee


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