By Jason Moore
I have been quietly surprised at the reaction of British expatriates on Majorca. According to my small poll the majority of expatriate Britons were backing Spain in last weekend´s European championships. By the sound of it, most expatriates were more than vocal in their support for Spain which clearly underlines the fact that Britain is perhaps losing its “little islanders” image. Now Spain v. Germany for most Britons is no contest and of course you support the Spanish. But yesterday there was a really difficult one; Murray v. Nadal. Who do you support? Well, I obviously was supporting Nadal because I just have two teams; England and whoever is playing Scotland (only joking!!!!). Perhaps for the English it is quite a difficult question and I would suspect that more people would be backing Nadal. But let us just say that Tin Henman was playing Rafa Nadal in the final of Wimbledon, who would you support? It is quite a big question because it all depends whether the place you call home is really home and you want to embrace everything about it or you just like living in a place, consider yourself to be a foreigner and continue behaving as if you were in your own country under the sun. A difficult one isn't? Plenty of food for thought.


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