By Jason Moore
IT has taken the worst recession in living memory but at last the Palma shopkeepers have seen the light and have changed their opening hours. Every Thursday starting next week they will be open to midnight. It would be better if they were open until midnight on Saturday but it is a start. I sincerely hope that the “Midnight Shopping” drive will bring Palma to life midweek and I suspect that it will prove popular. Now, all we need is for restaurants to open on Sunday in the city centre.

The Balearic economy has officially now entered recession. It is official.
The government has said so. This was the same Balearic government which said that the local economy would not go into recession. The Balearic government was gambling on the possibility that the tourist industry would save the day. But unfortunately the tourists have failed to arrive and we´ve gone into recession. Just last week Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero was saying that the worst of the recession was over, he was obviously unaware of the situation in the Balearics.

What concerns me is that if we do have a poor summer season then this winter is going to be especially difficult. A poor season and a recession, well things can only get better.


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