Dear Sir,

ONCE again Ray Fleming has come under attack for being brave enough to ruffle the feathers of Jewish extremists by taking a position against the overt criminality of Israel. Someone shaming the name David Lee accuses him of “a farrago of lies.” A brief list of this man's stupidities, a real “farrago of lies,” is in order.

First, this sharp eyed critic gets the date wrong of Ray's column. It was July 1, not June 30. This is the least of his errors, but it sets the tone.
Second, the consensus death total for the various civil wars waged in Lebanon from 1975 to 1990 is 150'000. This includes the c. 2'000 Palestinians massacred under the aegis of Israeli General Ariel Sharon. It also includes about 20'000 civilians killed by Israeli bombing. Yet Mr. Lee conjures up 120'000 Christians alone killed by Arafat's forces in the first few years of the long, constantly bloody conflict. [Mr. Lee must believe in holocaust arithmetic. Example, 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler, 4 million in Auschwitz. But when the Jewish caretakers changed the Auschwitz's death toll estimate to 1.2 million, the total killed remained 6 million. In holocaust arithmetic 6 - 2.8 = 6.] The point is that some people just make numbers up. They have a pathology called lying.

Third, he identifies the Red Cross as a “rigidly Catholic” organization. The Red Cross is secular, unaffiliated with any religion. The Red Cross was founded by Henri Dunant, a devout Calvinist. It has never had a connection with any sect. Mr. Lee's blind hatred for Catholicism is odd in that he chooses to live in Majorca rather than Israel. On one level, at least, he recognizes the intrinsic decency of Christian societies and eschews alternatives.

Fourth, the ludicrous fairy tale about feeding a Jew to four Dobermans every day is too bizarre, even apart from the fact that dogs don't eat that much, for comment. Mr. Lee is in need of psychiatric help if he believes such tripe.

Fifth, the equally nonsensical fairy tale about 140 Palestinians being murdered by Palestinians to a cheering throng of Palestinians by throwing them off a roof defies any attempt to attach it to an actual event.

But enough of this rubbish, this degenerate hatred against non-Jews, be they Christians or Muslims. Mr. Lee is a hate obsessed racist. He is the mirror image of Adolph Hitler as portrayed by the propaganda branches of the allied governments. His ignorance is a good example of the continuing damage that war propaganda causes after the war is over. The feebleminded, like Mr. Lee, believe it, become obsessed with it, embellish it, and descend into a life of hating. Much is written about anti-Semitism. It is verboten to mention that it is, and has always been, matched, if not exceeded, by anti-Christianism on the part of Jews. Estimates run as high as 60 million Christians being murdered by the Communist regime of the Soviet Union. That Communist killing machine was more Jewish than the Nazi regime was Christian. Both Lenin and Stalin predated Hitler who is a reaction to them. But that is not supposed to be taken note of.

It is said that truth is war's first victim. The evil hearts of the deluded, such as Mr. Lee, are its most lasting legacy. It is an unhappy commentary on the human condition that seventy years after the onset of the Second World War the machinery that it set in motion is still trying to claim victims, in this case Ray Fleming's reputation. It won't work. WWII is over. The bilge is not sticking anymore. Mr. Fleming relied on facts in his column. His judgement was measured. One can only hope that he ignores such calumnies and keeps up the good work when analyzing the Middle East's troubles.

Ralph McGaughey, Boston, MA USA


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