By Jason Moore

THERE is some good news for Majorca; the island is enjoying a surge in holiday sales. The bad news is that the only reason that Majorca is doing slightly better is because Turkey and other resorts in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa are overbooked. In other words, Majorca is just picking up the over-capacity of competing areas.

This is a very sad state of affairs for Majorca because until very recently the island was the undisputed holiday king of the Mediterranean. Local hoteliers have been forced to slash their prices in an effort to pick up late bookers and in some ways they are being successful because in Britain many people have decided to go on holiday now that England has been ejected from the World Cup. The reasons for Majorca´s fall from grace are simple. It has become too expensive and some hotels definitely need to be refurbished to bring them up to the standards of establishments in competing areas. It is a great shame but hopefully, Majorca, with its years of experience in tourism, will be able to reverse its fortunes again by becoming the Number 1 holiday destination it once was. But until then we are going to have to pick up the scraps from other destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. A sad state of affairs indeed.


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