Dear Sir,

I was delighted to read your editorial entitled “The European Dream” which coincides exactly with my own beliefs, that I have been reiterating already for many years.

In the 21st century, when a crisis in the U.S.A. or Japan can directly affect our lives here, (yes even in Majorca!), it is vital that Europe is strong and united.

We can all be proud of our village, island, country, but we cannot, and must not, overlook the importance of being an active part of a greater force.
What we should be considering, is the world that we are creating for our children and our grandchildren. On a world map it is not difficult to see the all powerful U.S.A. to the West, the enormous rise of China to the East at an incredible pace, and the even louder demands of the continents of India and Africa to the South. It does not take a genius to understand that one small region or country, will have little significance, in the greater scheme of the future of the world.

European countries must learn to put their historic differences to one side, work more closely together, and create a strong and effective European power block.

Remember the old saying “united we stand, divided we fall?”. It was never truer than now, and in Europe.
Kate Mentink

Founder and Honorary President “Europeos por España” and “Ciudadanos Europeos”.