Dear Sir, I do not normally waste my time arguing with those who are determinedly deaf, dumb and blind to clear legal truths. I only do so now because of the possibility that some of your readers could be deluded into giving credence to these blinkered-vision babblers.

As to Ian Spilby: yes there are Israelis who are doubtful and suspicious in their dealings with so-called “Palestinians”. But having seen their crowded supermarkets bombed, their school buses machine-gunned, witnessed the arms and legs of teenagers scattered across a street after having been blown up whilst queuing outside a disco: old-age pensioners being blown up whilst celebrating Passover: bus stations bombed and kindergartens attacked with hand grenades and machine guns killing all the 3-5 year-olds etc. and having seen the perpetrators of these foul deeds hailed as heroes by their Muslim leaders both religious and political, it tends to leave a nasty taste in the mouths of many Jewish Israelis.

In Britain there are many thousands of members of the EDF and BNP, both organisations devoted to ridding Britain of what they see as a Muslim menace - and nothing like the above has happened in Britain - yet!! As to Elena Davis's rather silly letter: Here is what you do. Ms Davis: you carefully re-read my letters on Israel's rights under international law. Then you check out the veracity of the points I made. After having done so you keep quiet rather than risk making an even bigger fool of yourself than you already have done.

One last point. There is no such place as “The West Bank” The correct name for the area is “Judea and Samaria“, both historic biblical Israeli sites.

David Lee


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