By Jason Moore
PETER Stringfellow, who has been leading the campaign against graffiti in Calvia, is pleased to report that Mayor Carlos Delgado has taken notice and has ordered a clean-up campaign which should rid the area of this type of vandalism. Stringfellow held talks with the Mayor and even photographed graffiti blackspots in Calvia which were sent to the council cleaning department. “They are doing very well, and much of the graffiti has gone...but we will be watching,” he said. But there is a problem. One man's graffiti eyesore is another man's graffiti art. It appears that one British Calvia resident decided to paint-over the graffiti on a wall near his home. Once the job was done he had a knock at the door from an angry parent who wanted to know why he had painted over his son's art-work! I was quite amazed at the amount of graffiti there was in Calvia especially around exclusive Bendinat and Costa de Blanes. It is obviously quite a major problem and the attitude of the one parent I mentioned above shows that some people are not aware of the problem and in fact consider it to be art. Sounds incredible, but just like the entries for the Turner art prize! Perhaps, the way forward would be to give children an area to paint their graffiti art-work, and I say art-work not racist statements. This at least would perhaps help solve the problem. Perhaps you could even have prizes for the best work. As you can see I am being rather diplomatic, as far as I'm concerned it is vandalism of the worst kind but I do appreciate that some people take delight in using spray cans on white open spaces. I would also urge the Calvia council to increase police patrols because until a solution is found I bet that the graffiti will start appearing again.


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