Dear Sir,
I HAVE have just read Dr George Giri's letter to the Daily Bulletin on July 1st. I have never read a letter so pompous, biased and badly informed from a man who should know better. The bill that was passed in the Spanish Parliament yesterday legalises the union between same sex couples. And why not? I have lived with my boyfriend in Majorca for 25 years; we have a business together and have property. Even though we have a will witnessed infront of the notary nobody is sure that we are complety protected in case of death because of Spain's archaic hereditary laws. We pay our taxes like everybody else but as two people. If one partner dies we will get only one pension. Of course, there are financial rewards for us bringing us into line with married couples. But that is not all, it is the recognition and respect that we feel we deserve as many homosexuals live very quiet, ordinary lives together as it is only the few who cause “scandals” as they do with heterosexuals. Giri talks about the misuse of organs of procreation. As a doctor, especially a naval doctor, he must have treated so many men with syphilis or gonoreah. Don't tell me that this is not caused by misuse of organs of procreation? But this is when men are away from home on service so a blind eye is turned to the vows and sanctity of marriage. As to it causing extra expense to the National Health, is he really so blind to suggest that only gay men go to hospitals with diseases and that the increase in sexually transmitted diseases is mainly coming from heterosexuals and not gays. This, by the way, is also true now about AIDS. There is one thing very clear, marriage certainly has not discouraged promiscuity and the spread of disease. As to the Christian aspect, the death of the last Pope really brought home to me the ambiguity of religion. Never have I seen such opulence in the Vatican and so much money spent on a funeral when there are so many poor and hungry people in the world. And all this comes from something untouchable, from playing on the emotions and feelings of the people. I remember a doctor saying to me many years ago that as I was thirty five years old and not married, I was gay. Didn't a thirty year old unmarried man surround himself with twelve disciples?
Bill Watson, Palma de Majorca.


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