By Jason Moore
WHEN non-Spanish European Union residents got the vote in local elections in Spain the socialist party allegedly opposed the move and in some parts of Majorca, (Calvia included) it was claimed that left-wing councils actually tried to stop expatriates from voting. The reason, I was told, is that expatriates have the reputation of being more right wing than left wing and socialists councils feared that they would lose votes. But now the socialists are calling for all foreigners to have the vote in local elections. In the Balearics 20 percent of the local population is foreign and at least 10 percent are from countries outside the European Union. So why this change heart from the socialists? Some would argue that most immigrants would be more likely to vote for the socialists rather than the conservatives. But anyhow it is a step in the right direction. I must say though that it is the only policy from Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero that I support. Since being re-elected he appears to have lost his way and the fact that he refuses to admit that there is an economic crisis is simply stupid. Open your eyes Sr. Zapatero and do something about it. The Spanish economy appears to be in freefall and more black clouds are on the horizon.


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