Dear Sir, FIRSTLY, I would like to make it clear, that in general I enjoy the articles/columns of Ray Fleming, but of late, he seems to be bashing all things conservative and David Cameron in particular, giving the impression of a “knee jerk reaction”, rather than the reasons behind conservative members' actions and statements. The point raised by Cameron on the letter to Vaz and the implied “reward”, (a title or honour seems to be the expected reward) being linked to his turn around on the 42 day detention period, is only one of the many “rewards” discussed when that vote was taken, not least the reversal of the 9 visitor union votes. Convincing people to change their views by reasoned arguments is one thing, to coerce or bribe is quite another. That Mr Vaz should be in line for any type of “reward” is surprising, as one can recall only a few years past, he had to resign as a minister due to his wife's private business of arranging papers for immigrants to stay in the U.K., quite a lucrative business as I recall. Mr Fleming is to be admired for his unrelenting support of the Labour Government in general, and Gordon Brown in particular, especially in the face of self-induced calamities on poor decisions made by Brown and Co., new ones being reported almost daily. They show a “tired” government, unable to plan in advance, and having to plug the holes in the dyke as they appear, and it is all becoming too much for the present government. It's time for a change, a clean sweep, and some new, fresh minds dealing with the many problems that beset the nation.
Yours Sincerely, Graham Philips, Palma de Majorca


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