Dear Sir,

The increasing fashion for so called ‘family hotels' to organise their entertainment programmes out of doors and to ensure that every afternoon during siesta and every evening during the hours when so many neighbours of these hotels wish to enjoy a quite evening at cena, means there is considerable noise distributed throughout the neighbourhood of these hotels. Those of us who wish to enjoy peace and quiet at these times do not wish to inhibit others in their enjoyment, merely to request that they respect the needs of their neighbours, as they would do if they were back in their homes. That some hotels manage to contain their noise is evident because enclosed entertainment suites are used, as indeed they are used in inclement weather in those hotels which during fine weather are guilty of this anti-social behaviour. This problem seems to be becoming marked in those holiday towns in Majorca where hotels have been built on the periphery of the towns which, until their arrival and the implementation of pop festival- style events every night during summer and hectoring use of their PA systems during every day, were peaceful. May we return to respect for each others' needs please?

William Davison

Dear Sir, I n regards to Kate Mentink´s opinion about Europe in todays world, I would be interested to read her thoughts about Spain and it´s 17 autonomous regions, where, unfortunately, the term “united we stand” definitely does not apply.

Simon Tow


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