Dear Sir,

Well I see Mr Lee has resurfaced, despite stating that his previous letter would be his final word on the subject.
It would appear, like the true Israelis he so admires, he always wants more.
What seems to escape Mr Lee is that in a true democracy everyone is entitled to their opinion, including Mr Lee, and people shouldn't be verbally abused and insulted just because they disagree with him.

I say true democracy to differentiate between that cardboard cut-out one operating in the Middle East.
As to his gory list of details of the result of terrorist attacks, try reading the report on the Israeli invasion of Gaza in December 2008 when in 22 days they massacred 1'400 inhabitants, levelling whole neighbourhoods and killing every living thing.

For the record the kill ratio in favour of Israel was about 100 to 1.
I bet that leaves ‘a nasty taste in the mouths of many'.
Regarding his semantics of stating that the West Bank does not exist, (blinkered?)well for me it certainly does, it is a benighted oppressed enclave whose suffering is routinely ignored by the West to appease Israel.

Finally, without getting into Biblical fables, I don't dispute that the Jews were there 2000 years ago, the problem is they weren't the only ones there, a fact they tend to forget.

Steve Humphries



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