Dear Editor,
BILL Watson's outburst re: my letter of July the first, is exactly what I hoped for. There has been hardly any open debate on the subject of the purpose of the sanctity of Marriage. It is natural for him not to have addressed my main medical points, i.e. the process of reproduction and caring for offspring. He does not address the philosophy surrounding adoption. Where disease is concerned, I was only referring to the latest American statistics. A doctor dislikes having to deal with any unnecessary affliction. In the Navy, we punished them by stopping their rum ration, and shore leave. Thank you Mr. Watson, may the debate continue.
George Giri, Mancor del Valle
Dear Sir,
WE have just been to Magalluf and really enjoyed our stay. The beach is one of the best on the island, but is spoilt by the constant hassle from the illegal drink and fruit sellers we witnessed. When there was a police presence, the people had their buckets and wares taken off them. But as soon as the police went they were back in action with spar carrier bags full of iced drinks. If CALVIA Council really want to get rid of these people, would it not be a good idea for the life guards to use there communication to their H.Q. to alert the police that they were there. This would make a great holiday without going home saying you had been robbed by beach gypsies, because they threaten you if you dont pay their inflated price.
Hope you publish this letter as we hope to visit the island again soon.
Steve Taylor, by e-mail.


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