Dear Sir,

It would seem that from the intemperate tone of Mr Lee's latest letter describing his detractors that he realises that he has lost his arguments in support of the behaviour of the state of Israel.

Does he believe that only Israeli Jews have been the victims of terrorism? Many nations of the world have suffered at the hands of terrorists.
The inhabitants many countries, Britain, America, Russia, Spain, Germany to name but a few could all recount similar horrors to those listed by Mr. Green.

High on this list of victims should be the Palestinians who have suffered the institutional terrorism of the IVF and it acolytes for years. I do not condone any form of terrorism but at least it should be judged on an even handed basis.

The use of the archaic name of Judea and Samaria by Mr Lee and the Israeli right wing is only a euphemism to disguise the more realistic title of the Occupied Territories where Israel is currently stealing Palestinian land and property and indulging in ethnic cleansing.

Ian Spiby



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