By Humphrey Carter

HAVING just managed to escape from Palma for a few days R&R, I was reminded of just how lucky the Majorcans are, especially right now with the Arab Springs having turned to Arab Summers and one of the region's biggest competitors Turkey, also in disarray.

I was notably informed in Colonia Sant Jordi, which also reminded me just how beautiful and unique Majorca is, that all of the best hotels are full and that the only noticeable downturn is in domestic and local tourism.

And the tranquility to 90% of this paradise island was brought home to me even more as I flicked through the TV channels one night.
Leading German channel RTL was running a long and in-depth piece about the Playa de Palma, the fact that street drinking (botellon) has been banned and the resorts have other problems.

It was so ironic. There I was gazing across the salt flats, enjoying the cool sea breeze and a nice cold beer while watching the debate about the Playa de Palma continue to rage on German television and, thanks to my basic German, listening to teenagers too young to drink, complain about the new crackdown.

The international media has got so obsessed about the Playa de Palma and Magalluf over the past few years it is about time that the authorities take some form of proactive action to deflect its attentions elsewhere when one considers that the island has so much more to offer.


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