By Ray Fleming

Whether we like it or not the debate on Britain's membership of the European Union is going to stay with us until the 2015 election at least and possibly for two years after that. Already almost every day informed opinions on the pros and cons of membership are available but scattered about so randomly in the media that no single person can be reasonably expected to find and keep up with them. My plea therefore is that editors should create a regular single EU page in which all the latest opinions are at least summarised in one place rather than tucked away to fill otherwise unoccupied corners.

For instance in just two days this week I casually came across the following three items: an assessment by Parliamentary researchers that even after leaving the EU Britain would still face huge payments for on-going projects in which it was already involved; a letter from Sir Jeremy Lever QC of All Souls College Oxford pointing out that in the last 400 years British policy has seen to prevent a single country from dominating Europe and that continuing this important role can now be best undertaken in the EU; another letter from 22 distinguished historians saying that “The brutal reality of EU is manifesting itself in the Mediterranean where EU economics have wrecked lives and now fan the flames of aggressive extremism”. (Where's that in the Mediterranean?)


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