Dear Sir, SHAME on you Majorca for allowing such a terrible outcome of the recent elections and shame on you Spain for allowing electoral laws to be enacted that favour politicians only and don't reflect the will of the people. I don't call that a democracy, I call it a joke.

I hope you are satisfied with the lot that will govern you for the next four years. In case you've forgotten, they are the same crew that brought you such exciting programmes as the Tourist Tax, or being oblivious that the survival of Majorca is totally from tourism and not the national government or the fact that they didn't lift a finger when they were in power during a disastrous Coach Strike which almost ruined the island economy. The coalition at that time was petrified of the backlash from the unions which could have toppled their shaky government.

And, I just recently read that the Speaker of the Parliament, Maria Munar will open debates this week on the Rainbow Coalition returning to power. Maria who? Now there is a story in itself. With only 3 percent of the vote, she has successfully been the President of Majorca for the last 12 years and with the same 3 percent is now Speaker of the Parliament. Unbelievable! If that's not bad enough, the Rainbow Coalition will take over the government without the foggiest notion what to do except to cancel whatever the PP has done in the last four years. I suspect that they will add two more stations on the Metro and claim the whole thing was all their idea. The coalition can't agree among them how to share power and its leader will always be in constant fear that someone in his cabinet will disagree with him and bring down his government. The Rainbow Coalition is not a workable alternative for Majorca, a fact that has been proven time and again from 2000–2003.

If that's what you wanted Majorca, you've done a great job. It was more than half of you that didn't even bother to vote. People in some countries in this world have given their lives to be able to vote freely, something that you refused to do this past May. You have put a new meaning to the British expression, “I can't be bothered”. Maybe in four years time you will care what happened to your island instead of putting it in the hands of communists and socialists who haven't any idea what they are doing.

Ralph Arroyo, Santa Ponsa
Dear Sir, HAVING just returned to England from our home in Cala Carbo and after reading the article you ran on the proposed building plans for the area, I feel compelled to write to you and ask the question 'what on earth are the local councils doing to stop the erosion of such beautiful countryside.* Do they really want to turn one of the Islands most attractive bays into a building plot? Can't they learn from their mistakes and see the destruction that has occurred to other areas around the Island?

Majority of the residents oppose such an invasion of concrete and I understand a meeting is being held in Cala San Vicente on Saturday July 14 called Friends of Cala Carbo with a petition to sign and try to stop this happening. Have any of your readers heard about this and do they know any other information which can help save this beautiful area?

David Wheeler


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