Dear Sir,

ALL regular readers of the Bulletin will be aware that Ray Fleming must have had a “politically correct” implant some years back.
However, he really plummeted the depths of his humour deficiencies in his article today, when referring to the very amusing cartoon of Peter Brookes in The Times recently.

I would very much doubt that anybody other than Fleming and his PC friends would have found it offensive. I shudder to imagine what his comments would be, if there is a re-emergence of Spitting Images. I do not recall anybody on behalf of Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan et al demanding an apology. In fact by all accounts they were rather flattered to be featured. Clearly, we do not know how President Sarkosy felt about it, but maybe his sense of humour doesn't go that far. He is the man who has invited such jokes at his expense with his height fixation in photo shots, recruiting short security guards, getting Carla to wear flat shoes etc.

Come on Mr Fleming let's get real and lighten up. Humour will vary from person to person, so please take a less supercilious attitude to those of us who enjoy seeing politicians lampooned.

James Burgess, Pollensa

Sir, I am astonished to receive my Moviestar mobile phone bill which covered end of May and to mid June which, because it was invoiced on 1st July attracts the 18 percent IVA. I telephoned to query the issue but was told that this was the rule as it was the point of invoicing. In these times don't you think that organisations such as this should work on behalf of the customer?

Alan Wood, Nova Santa Ponca


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