l Dear Sir, I have been coming to Majorca for the last thirty years, two to three times per year. I have seen big changes in the island. Some not for the benefit of the island.
I am fully aware that all Councils have a cash crisis problem and many things have to be cut or reduced.
The one thing I am greatly saddened by, is the drastic cut the Palma Council is making towards the funding of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.
Over the years I have seen and heard this orchestra go from strength to strength.
Most of its increase in standards is due to its previous conductor Salvator Brotons.
Majorca is so lucky to have a symphony orchestra of this standard - now on my present visit I hear the orchestra has been given an ultimatum.
Take a 20% cut in fees or loose twenty members of the orchestra.
This is a major insult to the members.
Does the Palma Council not realise that to cut the orchestra members by a figure of twenty would mean that a lot of music - some symphonies and concerts could not be performed due to a reduction in orchestra members.

Perhaps the Coucil are prepared to show the orchestra they sympathise with their decision by taking a cut in their fees or even reducing the number of Council members by the same amount. If the council allows the orchestra to disintergrate due to their barbaric decision, they deserve to be removed from office at the next elections.

Brian Griffiths
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