By Jason Moore

Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France and a big haul of medals at the London Olympics last year and he was promptly given a knighthood. Wiggins was certainly the man of the moment but unfortunately his knighthood has set a rather dangerous precedent. There are some, Prime Minister David Cameron included, who are now calling for Andy Murray to be knighted because afterall he did win Wimbledon. Both Murray and Wiggins deserve all the accolades they receive but surely both of them are far too young to have the word Sir, before their name. It was a stupid decision to give Wiggins a knighthood. Andy Murray, in the interest of fair play, should now get the same award. Once you start, you can't stop. What is going to happen if Murray goes on and wins the U.S. Open again and even the Australian or French Opens? Will he be made a Lord?! It is a ridiculous state of affairs. Now, that David Beckham has retired from football, does he deserve a knighthood as well? Of course he does. And what is going to happen if England are victorious in the Ashes series, are the whole squad going to be knighted as well? And what about the British and Irish Lions? The list goes on. Murray's sporting achievement is as big as England winning the World Cup in 1966. It has been a long wait and he has unified the nation at a time when thoughts are turning to the Scottish referendum on independence. So arise Sir Andy, I hope you go on to be Lord Murray!


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