By Jason Moore

I saw a rather ugly side of the World Cup this week, more reminiscent of so-called England supporters. Large numbers of Spanish fans headed to Arenal after their team´s victory to taunt German fans. The Arenal promenade was a sea of Spanish flags and you got the impression that some of the Spain supporters had especially gone to Arenal knowing that there would be a large number of German fans watching the match there.

Now, I understand that Spain is a on a major World Cup high but there are plenty of places to go and celebrate rather than an area which is a favourite for German tourists. Thankfully, there were no real incidents and full marks to the German fans who I thought coped with the situation very well. They were obviously very sad and I even patted one on the backdespite the fact that their team had ejected England from the World Cup! This was probably just an isolated incident and involved a handful of people when there were literally tens of thousands celebrating across Majorca. But it wasn´t nice and I hope that this same group of people will not have similar ideas if Spain wins tomorrow because there are also plenty of Dutch fans in Arenal. Winning a football match is enough, you don´t need to taunt the opposition.