Dear Sir

It is so disappointing that I am writing to your paper again, as have others, about the letting of properties for holidays which I had hoped would have been resolved by the new government rather than being wiped out which appears to be their intention.

Surely the attraction of Majorca is that it is a destination providing huge variety and choice. Well if there are no villas to rent the choices are slashed. Why is it possible to rent anywhere else in the Mediterranean, usually safely due to inspection and subsequent licencing?

Is it not time the Majorcan government understood that not everyone wishes to stay in an hotel and rather than choose to do so just so they may visit Majorca will instead stay away. This would be a substantial loss of tourists. I for one shall not come back to the island which I love if I am unable to do so in a quiet villa, self-catering and able to eat out at nearby restaurants. Those of us who wish to rent villas use services local to those villas which must surely be of benefit to the island economy especially as these villas will be empty for so much of the year if not let. If letting private villas is stopped and no licences allowed then I foresee a glut of empty properties for sale that foreign buyers will shun as they cannot help pay their costs by such letting. I for one would not buy and I believe others will think twice. I implore the government to think hard about this policy and follow the success in other countries of offering a licence with inspection and encourage the large numbers of tourists who will not come to the island to stay in hotels.

Let us hope I can once again visit this wonderful island as I would wish.

Philippa Coates


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