Dear Editor,

“Will somebody please tell me how the Tourist information boffins on this island KNOW that British and German tourists spend an average of 35 euros per day. Who asks them how much they spend, and when do they ask them?

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom

Dear Sir, I was interested by your story (Thursday) of the local minister for tourism's plan to try to lure Siberian workers to the Balearic Islands.
What I think however is even more interesting (which was reported in the Spanish papers) is his view of one of the possible drawbacks (apart from no direct flights) to this campaign.

The language problem, in that very, very few of them have any grasp of any of the languages (Spanish, German, English, French, etc) utilised in the Balearic tourist establishments now.

His view is that this lack of knowledge is in fact a distinct advantage! “How's that”? you might ask
Well, in true, ‘Majorcan business model' frame of mind, he told the press that, “Ironically, because they can't read the menus, they go for the highest priced dishes”.

I therefore will not be surprised to see a new law coming out soon that dictates that all menus and price list etc in the tourist zones will be only in Catalan and Swahili!

Yours truly, John Rule
Sol de Mallorca


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