By Jason Moore
I was deeply moved yesterday at the outpouring of grief and the shows of solidarity which took place across the Balearics in memory of the victims of the London bomb attacks. Almost every council across the Balearics held a minute's silence and the leader of the Balearic government, Jaume Matas, sent a message to the British ambassador in Madrid, Stephen Wright, to express his horror at the attacks. Majorca, yesterday stood with London. The Spanish newspapers also underlined their great sympathy with the people of London. It was quite fantastic. One columnist even suggested that on Thursday everybody was a Londoner. Probably Spain knows better than anybody what London is going through at the moment. The Madrid bomb attacks are still fresh in everyone's minds and still the Spanish capital hasn't fully recovered. There is a difference. I feel that the people of Madrid never thought they would be attacked in such away but the people of London knew that it was just a matter of time. The police and intelligences services have been saying so since September 11 2001 that it would just be a matter of time before terrorists struck in the heart of London. Thursday was the fateful day. After watching the TV images and reading yesterday's newspapers it was indeed an awful attack, the worst I've seen in Britain in my life time.
But one thing for sure the people of London are not alone in their grief. On behalf of all Bulletin readers I would like to thank the people of Majorca for all their solidarity. It has been fantastic and reminds me how lucky we are to live on such an island in the Mediterranean with such a kind and thoughtful people.
Thank you Majorca


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