By Jason Moore
SPAIN these days has little or nothing to learn from Northern Europe. For many years the Spanish always looked on their northern neighbours as slightly superior in countries which functioned better than their own. But this has all changed I would say that northern Europe could actually start learning from Spain. Public transport in Majorca is superb; modern buses which run on time with vehicles, which on the whole are state of the art. The Spanish national health service is another great example. We at the Bulletin get scores of letters praising Son Dureta (Palma's main hospital) every year. Some observers claim that it is the cash from Brussels which has transformed Spain. I think Spaniards deserve great credit. Spanish companies are taking on the best in the world and winning, a classic example is Ferrovial which will soon on some of Britain's principal airports. In otherwords the country continues to go from strength to strength and it won't be too long before Spain joins G8. It is quite remarkable that in a space of 25 years such a deep transformation has taken place. As regards to us, foreigners who have made our home here, well the future is very bright because we have first class services in a country which is growing in stature. Spain should be very proud of its achievements to date especially in the last two decades.


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