Dear Sir Re: “SHORTAGE OF TOURISTS” Isn't it time that the faceless bureaucrats on Palma City Council were named and shamed for turning Palma into a giant building site, at the height of the tourist season?

It's no good bemoaning the lack of tourists when Palma shopping and sightseeing becomes a dangerous obstacle race and any thoughts of eating and drinking in outside bars or restaurants are quickly dismissed due to noise and pollution.

If they think their latest “ill thought out” idea of Thursday shopping until midnight will improve the city traders' present financial crisis, they are sadly mistaken - as the underlying problems remain - with little or no encouragement for visitors to venture into the city.

The well-known and remembered logo “the tourist - a friend,” is now unfortunately a thing of the past.

M. Irving, Portals Nous, Calvia

P.S. Any bets on where Palma Councillors will be taking their holidays?


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