Dear Sir,

Is it just me or is the largest supermarket chain on this island trying to rip everybody off?
I bought three items from one of their two shops in Santa Ponsa on Tuesday. One was a carrier bag at 0.01 centimos, the other a pack of three milks at 0.99 centimos and the third was a tin of Heinz Baked Beans at 0.92 centimos.

The bill came to 2.21 euros. They got the price of the carrier bag right but the beans were overpriced by 20 centimos and the milk by 09 centimos.
Of course they were very apologetic for this error as the prices hadn't been put into the system.

Well, I just wonder how long they had been incorrectly priced and how much longer that would have stayed the case had we not pointed it out.
From now on I will be checking every single item from this (and probably every other supermarket chain on the island).
Can I suggest everybody else does the same.
Forgot to mention, the newsagent in the same supermarket tries to charge us a euro too much every time we go there. But we have got use to that from newsagents over the years.

Crisis - not at this supermarket chain, it looks like they have found away around it...

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom


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