Dear Sir, I may well have to take a leaf out of J. Kempton's book (Letters MDB July 10th) and stop reading when Mr. Lee's name appears. His latest skewered ‘insight' is breathtaking in its ignorance and is an absolute disgrace. It is an exercise in semantics, half truths, fear mongering, omissions and misdirection worthy of the best PR gurus on Madison Ave. To fixate on some treaty signed in Rome nearly 100 years ago while completely ignoring the more recent and various UN Resolutions and judgements against Israel is so blatantly biased and blinkered that it doesn't deserve a response. If Mr Lee is sincere in his belief in the inviolability of international law may I be so bold as to direct his attention to UN Resolutions 242 and 181, though in fact he can pretty much pick any UN Resolution regarding Palestine he cares to, Israel is in breach of just about all of them. As to his suggestion that he wasn't offering his opinion or beliefs in his previous letters but was just quoting international law, well lets just say he's being disingenuous with the truth here and if he thinks anyone actually believes him when he says this, well, who's fooling who now?

Steve Humphries

Dear Sir, I read with deep sadness the story of the poor man who has been arrested by the police for allegedly stealing golf balls from the golf course at Camp de Mar.

I think it important to stress that under the internationally recognised laws of golf a ball which is ‘lost' is out of play and is then abandoned.. it takes no further part in the game.

As they do not then have an owner then they belong to no-one. In any case the original owners have long gone and perhaps given up ownership.
How then can a local entrepreneur seeking to establish an ecologically acceptable business in these difficult times be arrested for stealing something that has no owner. He should be released immediately and all charges dropped.

Yours faithfully
Christopher Strickland
Member Spanish Golf Federation

Dear Sir, May I say that I have to agree with the European Court that convicted murderers should be given a release date, even after they have never shown remorse for their actions. Can I suggest that Ms Teresa May, the Home Secretary, looks at this problem and gives the three murderers who are complaining, with a release date of 35 years from now with no remission.

This will comply with the European Human Rights Law regarding release dates. This should also make all sides happy! Yours truly
C. Crane
Palma de Mallorca


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