Dear Sirs,
In the UK, the AA has just published a new road map, detailling the sites of road speed trap cameras. Could the ”Majorca Daily” publish for its readers, once a quarter say, a map locating the positions of hidden speed traps in Mallorca? Readers could keep it up to date. And keep it in the car and give it to their guests and family, to make sure they obey the speed limits! And save money! In Pollensa, we usually have two radar traps on the Port of Pollensa side of Pollensa bay. They are not in an accident black spot nor a danger zone, but they lurk in a very financially lucrative location, just where the 50km limit rises to 90km. The camera is usually hidden in a dark blue Citroen parked on the road side, just as you leave the port for the bay road. It films you from behind as you drive past. The police then stop you two minutes later to identify you. If you can, turn around or take a side streeet before they stop you. I saw 15 (yes 15) people stopped in 1/2 an hour last week. At Ç 250,per car, thats some income generation! Another favourite radar trap spot is the Pollensa road to Sa Pobla roundabout, in the Campanet valley, as is the entrance to Inca near the Munper factory. Here, the Citroen lurks opposite the Inca firestation or outside the corner art shop. Wishing all readers safe and happy summer driving in Mallorca, Regards,
Garry Bonsall Pollensa.


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