By Jason Moore

SHOULD Rupert Murdoch be allowed to take full control over Britain´s biggest private broadcaster in the light of the allegations that have been made this week? Well, the simple answer is no. If the Chief Executive of News Corp. Rebekah Brooks is to be believed, then there are far more serious allegations against the News of the World which still haven´t come to light.

Heaven knows what exactly was going on at Britain´s biggest selling newspaper and one of the flagships of the Murdoch empire. So the Murdoch bid for BSkyB should be quietly shelved because of a loss of confidence and for another reason; does Britain really want a sizeable part of its media to be controlled by foreigners? I think not. The powers of foreign media barons need to be limited in the interests of democracy. One national newspaper, one owner should really be the case. The media is going to come under the spotlight in Britain in the coming months but the power of Rupert Murdoch needs to be curtailed for once and for all.


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