Dear Sir

Congratulations to Sally Schofield for her robust letter in Sunday's edition expressing her dismay at David Lee's cretinous letter in which he claimed Mugabe's heart was in the right place. You do wonder which planet Mr Lee is on. He may well have worked in South Africa, and paid his indigenous employees a pittance, but if he felt sore about that, why didn't he pay them over the odds. What a total hypocrite this man is! And to suggest that the existence of every Marxist-Leninist regime in the world is a reaction to Western interference, is totally absurd. Has he not heard the old adage of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? Who cares what you call your party, as long it as it pulls the strings.

Z imbabwe is all about holding on to corrupt power, and to prove the point, he should look at the décor of the opulent, and disgustingly kitch Harare mansion of the country's illegal president. Ugh! (Images available from the editor of the MDB). He should also follow the inestimable logic of Ray Fleming who is, apart from other things, the Bulletin's pundit on all matters related to Zimbabwe. His recent treatises sum up the situation appositely.

Fly yourself to the moon Mr Lee.

Andrew Ferguson, By email
Dear Sir,

Having read the commie drivel by Mr Lee (letters10th & 12 July) regarding Mugabe's disastrous reign in Zimbabwe I suggest that his opening paragraph on the 12th says it all. “Thank you for printing my letter in defence of Mugabe….”.

This, Mr Lee, is what it is all about: don't you get it? It's all about freedom…. of speech and freedom of choice and debate.
Why shouldn't the editor of this paper allow you to have your say even if he did not agree with you?
On the other hand if you had expressed an anti Mugabe idea in any media within Zimbabwe you would be visited by a pick-up truck full of “veterans” who, I promise you, would not be there to discuss any grammatical or spelling queries that they might have regarding your expressed opinions! Get real Mr Lee.
Yours truly,

John Rule

Sol de Mallorca


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