TROUBLED times call for special measures. It's no use sitting around and moaning about how bad things are and how much worse next year will be.
We all know the reasons why business in Majorca is suffering, the credit crunch, weak pound versus the Euro, strong marketing from UK based leisure providers and strong competition from some of the cheaper European destinations. Cruises are also on the increase, which encapsulates the all-inclusive phenomenon.

Add this to increased prices in Majorca, in particular in hire cars, hotels, bars and restaurants. Tourists have seen a serious hike in cigarette prices and this adds to the expense of the trip.

Even cheap flights are increasing with government so called environmental taxes and airlines lacking economies of scale as fewer people travel.
The average cost of a round of Golf in Majorca is at least twice the UK fees at decent courses.
So what's the solution:
Think positive, talk the market up, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Ensure that your cost base is as low as it can be. Improve your cash flow by talking to your suppliers and asking them for help. Working closely with suppliers works and maybe a compromise that you use a supplier exclusively will get you preferential credit terms
Specialise and give your business a point of difference over competition. Market your bar or business brand names and build a reputation that spreads amongst the tourist trade.

Offer your customers excellent service, food and goods and of course a friendly smiling face.
It's frustrating and soul destroying but stick it out, things will get better.
Life back in the UK is certainly no better! Kind Regards, Alan Wheat

Cala Bona and Sheffield


I AM very confused, is the piped tap water in Majorca drinkable (untreated)? I spend around €500 per year on bottled water, but the answer maybe on the drain cover outside my house which has “Agua Potable” clearly engraved into it. I know that most, if not all, tour operators recommend that their clients DO NOT drink the tap water, but friends I know have been drinking it for years – even bars I know make their ice-cubes from tap water.

I think that there could well be others who read this publication who are just as confused as me, or may have strong opinions - which could in fact be wrong! There must surely be someone (without an axe to grind) who could publish what the real situation is in Majorca. I would be particularly interested if the water meets EU domestic water regulations Island-wide. If you can write a situation status on the quality of Majorcan tap water, it would be greatly appreciated by many readers I am sure.

Mark Masters



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