Dear Editor,
FOR once, I agree with “Greenpeace” that there is too much building on the island, including those thirsty golf courses.
I had been visiting the island for about 20 years and now live here permanently.
At one time, I thought that building had stopped.
Living in the Santa Ponsa area, there are hundreds of empty properties, yet they are still building all around. My wife and I think there must be about 50 percent of these empty. This is just one part of the island.
We sometimes have a frightening thought, what if suddenly most of these properties were inhabited, and these people had children. There would not be enough power, water, health, school places, etc.... the mind boggles.
Can't the powers that be see this or are they just blinded by power and money. Building must stop somewhere.
A.E. Caffyn, Santa Ponsa
Dear Sir,
GREAT news about the new underground railway (Bulletin last week). Does anyone know whether this is going to be a “proper” underground line with new electric trains, or just a “half-cock” adaptation of the old filthy, smelly, noisy and polluting diesel trains, running in “cut-and-cover” tracks, rather like the old Metropolitan and Circle Line in London? That would be a golden opportunity missed.
I seem to remember that an electric railway has run parallel from the Placa España to Son Sardina for 93 years! Did I read about a plan to “lower” that line too, as it currently bisects Palma?
Richard Harding, Oxford.


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