THE Monitor column of 14th July is purely a chronological reporting of the chain of events? No one seems to dispute the facts as found by Gen. Eiland. It confirms the existence of 70 militant Muslims on board, hot and cold weapons (there is no difference in their lethal effect). Just to remind the readers, weapons don't kill – people do! Each and every operation failed or successful is always found to have its shortfalls one way or another. I accept that there must have been some naive approach by the planners on the grounds that Turkey, an ally for 60 years, will not go as far as to let it happen coming from Turkish soil – they have erred! What I am crying out for is how come that NO ONE has called the Turkish government, its PM and FM, to account. It is becoming clearer by the day – Turkey has engineered this affair from the beginning and I dare to believe that the idea may have been conceived on the evening Erdogan has walked away from the dais in Davos after insulting Israel's president Shimon Peres. Erdogan is a political thug and acting against its long established democracy and Turkey's real interest. Why is Turkey not calling for an international inquiry to include their involvement in the affair? We all know why! With kind regards,

Arye Berest


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