By Jason Moore

The other-day I was charged six euros for a small beer and and a shandy at a bar in central Palma. The service was poor and the beer wasn't even cold. Now, the bar was packed but I thought to myself that this state of affairs rather sums up Majorca at the moment. Business owners, faced with a drop in trade, have increased their prices but probably at the same time reduced staff or even cut their wages. Prices like this just get Majorca a bad reputation. It is also rather dishonest because we are all watching our pennies but still trying to maintain our lifestyle. How can anyone justify three euros for a small beer? It wasn't too long ago when you could have a got a menu of the day with wine at a restaurant just down from where I had been overchared for three euros, or the equivalent in pesetas. Already, there are moans that tourists are spending less but really I don´t think anyone should be surprised. Majorca is no longer a cheap holiday destination, infact I would say that restaurant and bar prices, in some instances, are now on a par with Britain and Germany. Majorca's secret of success was that it was a beautiful holiday destination which was cheap. It you look at successful holiday destinations at the moment they all have one thing in common; they are cheaper than the countries where visiting tourists reside. Majorca needs to wake up and realise that there is a global recession and Majorcans are not the only people watching their euros.


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