Dear Sir, One of the most fascinating, invigorating, and I hope, enlightening, series of Letters to you, and readers of the Bulletin, has been those between David Lee and Steve Humphries on the intractable problems that concern Israel and Palestine, with both contestants arguing forcefully, at times acrimoniously, on the merits of their cases. All good knock-about stuff. But of course, there comes a time when, and I paraphrase “The kissing has to stop”.

Without regurgitating the various argument both for and against, may I recall the period of the First World War (1914/1918), when British Jews were fighting German Jews, both with great zeal and conviction that their country was in the right. Of course, Hitler totally ignored this in his foolish beliefs against Jewry, that eventually drove many thousands of German scientists, musicians, economists, in fact a fatal brain drain that may have led to Germany possessing nuclear weapons before The Allies, as people like Einstein emigrated to the United States, where he and other Jews helped to produce the Atom Bomb.

In Britain I said many Jews helped the war effort, none more so than a clever, inventive chemist, Chaim Weizman (later President of Israel 1949-1959), produced such important weapons for the Allies, that because, also, of his Zionist belief that a Jewish Homeland should be formed, that it led to The Balfour Declaration of 1917, that such a Homeland be granted. (A.J. Balfour Foreign Secretary).

At the same time, Colonel T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was able to partially unify various Arab tribes, who eventually swept the Turks out of Palestineans entered Damascus April 1918, where he hoped to establish a Kingdom but was rebuffed by the French at the treaty of Versailles that gave the French jurisdiction over Syria and Lebanon.

I will go no further, except to say that both Jews and Arabs have History on their sides. In other words. A Jewish State of Israel, with a corresponding State of Palestine. Both inviolate.

Meanwhile, can the two protagonists Lee and Humphries, agree to disagree, but enjoy an Honourable Armistice? In any event, I think The Editor may give his ruling.

Years ago, in The Times of London, many discussions were concluded, with the phrase, “This correspondence must now cease.” I don't believe for one second that Mr Moore would contemplate such a step.

Yours sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro


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