Dear Sir,
AS Dr. Giri has been joined by my “old sparring partner” Graham Phillips (old not in age I hasten to add!) in a two-pronged assault, I feel that I should be allowed to respond to both.
Dr. Giri, I note, still does not understand my statement that “Everybody knows President Bush's views on Democracy” which I thought was blindingly obvious. But I will spell it out.
He, the President, believes as do millions and millions throughout the world, that basically democracy means, one man/woman, one vote, who elect a Government for a given period. If, at the end of that time, you do not like their record, you vote for somebody else. States like Saudi Arabia, and most other Arab states do not have democracy.
In the particular case of Iraq, where the bloody regime of Saddam Hussein has been overthrown for reasons I will not go into, a democratically-elected government has been installed for the first time in thirty years. This has also happened in Afghanistan. And, in spite of Dr. Giri's protests regarding the Arabs in Palestine not having a vote, as he says “over thousands of years” he cannot ignore the fact that TODAY Hamas are Arabs and have been elected by ordinary Arab people.
One could also recall that the Jews too, lived in Palestine for many hundreds of years, only to be evicted by the Romans two thousand years ago.
Mr. Phillips, is correct when he says that “democracy means different things in different countries.” One only needs to look at the self-styled DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF KOREA (North Korea) to realise that this ruthless dictatorship cannot by any stretch of the imagination be democratic. Regarding his comment on the response by Israel in Gaza and now the Lebanon, and without going too deeply into its repercussions, the continual firing of rockets by Hezbollah in Southern Israel over many years, plus the Palestinian suicide bombers must, by any reckoning, require strong measures to eliminate these attacks.
Phil Green, Nova Santa Ponsa
Dear sirs,
I RECENTLY lost my wife Kate to a massive heart attack whilst shopping at the Syp supermarket in San Agustin.
Through your pages I would like to thank the staff and all the people that helped us, they were superb.
I know that the emergency services are often under attack from various sources, but I'd like to say that in my wife's case they did all that was humanly possible to save her.
The police arrived within minutes and the paramedics very soon after.
From then on my wife had the best medical help imaginable, but alas to no avail.
In my opinion, the emergency services on the Island cannot be faulted.
I cannot thank enough all those who came to assist.
I have lost the best friend in my life who was also loved by many others and will be sorely missed.
I would also like to thank all those friends who have expressed their sympathy to me, and for sharing with me the fond memories they have of Kate.
Peter Nicholas, by e-mail.


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