By Jason Moore

The other night I travelled up to Inca for dinner. Now, I like Inca because it is a vibrant place which still still maintains its village feel. There are some great restaurants there as well. It was late evening and I was looking for a snack rather than a full blown meal. So I headed to a bar in one of the mainstreets. I sat down at one of the tables outside and the waiter inquired whether or not I would be eating. I replied yes so he proceeded to withdraw the so-called “foreigner's menu” and handed me the snack menu. Now, I didn´t get a chance to look at the “foreigner´s menu” but it looked rather grand and it was in various languages including Russian. The waiter obviously thought that I was Spanish, hence the different menu. For as long as I can remember there have always been rumours which claimed that many restaurants had a menu for tourists and a menu for locals. Now, I have never been able to discover whether this was true or not but the fact that there was a “foreigner's menu” at this bar in Inca did get me thinking. Now, I don´t want to be too hard on the bar because I enjoyed a cheap meal and the service was good. Perhaps the “foreigner's menu” included food and drink which would appeal to visitors rather than locals. Perhaps the dishes were more elaborate. One thing for sure, though, if I was a tourist on holiday here and discovered that I was being given a special menu I would not be too pleased and would think twice about coming back.


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