Sudan's President Omas al-Bashir was formally charged by the International Criminal Court with three counts of genocide in Darfur.
He had already been charged with war crimes. Al-Bashir's travel is limited to countries which do not recognise the Court; in all others he would be liable to arrest.

An Israeli military inquiry found that “mistakes were a comparatively senior level” in the attack on the so-called Gaza flotilla in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

After approving its fourth prime minister in five years only a month ago, the Japanese parliament voted against the Japanese Democratic Party's policies; an election is likely at which the Liberal Democrat Party will be expected to resume its near-monopoly of government since the Second World War.

An Afghanistan soldier working with British forces shot dead three British servicemen; later reports said that he had defected to the Taliban, raising further doubts about the reliability of Afghan soldiers and police.


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