By Jason Moore

Are we seeing the end of Britain´s days of being a sporting under achiever? Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, Chris Froome looks set to win the Tour de France and even at cricket England have the Australians on the run. Unfortunately Britain seems to be able to succeed at all sports apart from the one which is most popular in Britain, football. Michael Owen, the former England star and one of the best players of his generation, said that he was deeply concerned about the state of England´s national squad. He is right. British sport seems to be successful on all fronts apart from football. England seems unable to produce a winning national team despite the fact that the Premier League is said to be the best in the world. The foreign talent does not appear to have helped young English players at all. It is a great shame. But one thing's for sure, there can no longer be anymore excuses about a lack of facilities or money. Britain is producing champions but not on the football field.


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