Dear Sir,

The reaction of the U.K. media following a few days of hot weather, is nothing short of over-blown hype and hysteria. Yes, I am aware that it is rare for temperatures to ascend 80 degrees (using the old Fahrenheit system), but to call for the response of the authorities to issue Warnings and advice, in a typically ‘Nanny State' fashion, nakes one wonder if logic and commonsense has really deserted the population. Phrases, such as, “Don't let children stay out in the sun too much” “Old people should drink plenty of water”, “Teenagers should not swim in unguarded waters”, and other gems, are proclaimed incessantly, especially by the BBC, who bring on the ‘usual suspects' to emphasise these exhortations.

I know times are different now regarding crime and morality, hinders the freedoms that we experienced in our youth, but I can only remember my early summer pursuits in the 20s and 30s generally recorded as the warmest period of the 29th century, when we were free to go out and about, enjoying life, without being badgered by unnecessary warnings. Mothers (mine, at least, would merely call out, as we tripped off, “Don't be late for supper!”.

Happy Days! Yours Sincerely
Phil Green, El Toro


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