Dear Editor
IT was good reading your comments on the menu del dìa (Daily Bulletin Viewpoint, 13th July).
I have noticed for some time now that the menu del día is quite plentiful in Palma, especially way from the tourist areas and in the Spanish quarters at good prices. Unfortunately, in the resorts and Palma city, some overpricing appears to be happening.
Having been living here for some time now, the prices of the last two years are suddenly jumping up rapidly, not 20 or 30 cents but on a menu del día 1 euro. In restaurants prices, owners are becoming greedy and adding two or three euros to standard items.
When we first lived here, we used to go out twice a week but now once or twice a month. Thank God for our favourite restaurants in Genova where only steady price increases take place over time.
Does the normal rank and file tourist know what a menu del día is? Do the average tourist really want to try these things? We found a menu del día in a village for 6 euros with the full works; it can be done.
As for tourists not spending money, it's true that lots of shops I have been in are saying “plenty of lookers but no buyers”. People pay on their credit card for their holiday but have no money to spend.
Once again, my old addage the Euro is killing it; over-hyped, especially the U.K. My son got 1.37 euros for one pound, not good.
Does it really matter who sponsors the island tennis players or film stars, an expensive folly you might as well have Mickey Mouse.
It's all down to price and affordability! After all, we have got the King and Queen of Spain and Nadal, do we need anyone else! A. Caffyn, Santa Ponsa
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