By Jason Moore

ONLY one word can sum - up the scandal involving phone hacking, and that is disgraceful. Senior police officers are resigning, top executives from one of Britain´s leading media companies are being arrested and even the Prime Minister is under pressure.

The phone hacking scandal is rapidly becoming a national disgrace. Senior police officers and politicians appear to have had a very cosy relationship with Rupert Murdoch´s News International. It was often said that the Murdoch press could either make or break a Prime Minister. It appears that his newspapers also had the same power over senior police officers.

The Murdoch press have backed the last four British Prime Minister; Thatcher, Major, Blair and Cameron. Gordon Brown courted Murdoch also. The power of the Murdoch organisation is incredible and I don´t think anyone would really be amazed at the allegations which are now being made. It is a disgraceful state of affairs but I think the great British public realised that Murdoch had a unique role in British politics and to a lesser extent in the police. However, this scandal must never be allowed to happen again. The media needs stronger regulation. The relationship of media organisations and politicians also needs to be looked at. The media and the police need to be above allegations of wrong-doing. They are two key parts of a democratic nation. Unfortunately, both are under investigation and this is a very sad state of affairs.