By Jason Moore

SPAIN is certainly a pro-European Country. It prides itself on its close links to Europe. However, it is also very good at turning a blind eye to certain European Union legislation, but that is another story. However, I was amazed to see that even Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is calling for the European Union to change. Not even Spain is happy with Europe in its present form. Spain's line is that Brussels has ordered them to make important spending cuts but the European Union should do the same. Rajoy wants a European wide banking union and a common policy on safeguarding bank deposits. So Britain is not alone. Even some of the most pro-European countries want change. It is not on the same scale as Britain but British Prime Minister David Cameron should not heart. Now, no-one is actively saying in Spain that the country should pullout of the European Union although the euro has been blamed for many of Spain's ills. Rajoy says that he is confident of reaching a deal on banking union on forthcoming European summits. He also reminded everyone that Europe is one of the few regions in the world which is still in recession. Rajoy believes that getting the banks to lend money again is the way forward and the European Union should focus all their efforts on resolving the banking crisis. One thing for sure the prolonged recession and the banking crisis has done little to improve the popularity of the European Union.


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