Dear Sir,
I'M sure Ray Fleming is very capable of defending himself but I felt I had to reply to Mr. Lee's rant in today's letters to the editor section.
These days, to disagree with Israel or its policies is to run the risk of being branded anti–Semitic.
Mr. Lee seems to be blinded by his obvious hatred and I find it offensive the relish he seems to take from the bombardment of Lebanon. To take delight in the obvious hiding Hezbollah are taking, despite over 90% of casualties being innocent civilians and speaking of wiping them out is not language I thought would be used by someone defending Israel, given its history. I find it rich indeed that he mentions UN resolutions while Israel has been a law unto itself, flouting and ignoring UN resolutions it didn't find to its taste.
The situation in the Middle East is tragic but military might is not the answer. I don't think Israel want a negotiated settlement. Arafat was a convenient stumbling block for them in the past but their excuse that they don't have a partner for peace talks rings hollow theses days.
Peace, for them, means complete domination of the region, at any price, and it's a shame that other world powers and especially George Bush, seem willing to allow them to achieve their goal.
As a final thought I would also like to add my congratulations to George Scott on his recent letter.
Like Elena Davis, I wholeheartedly agree with his view on George Bush and his uneven handling of the situation.
Yours sincerely, Steve Humphries, Magaluf
Dear Sir,
Mr Scott's vituperative rejoinder to my comments on Democracy in general and the Middle East situation (letters, Tuesday) in particular may please Ms Davis and she is perfectly entitled to shower “congratulations” over the aforesaid letter. She is NOT however, entitled to suggest that people like me, and others (Some FIFTY MILLIONS in he USA alone) whose opinions to the contrary,are “unfortunate” because we support Mr Bush and the present Republican administration.I happen to think that “people like” Ms Davis should put forward a reasoned argument, not a veiled insult. Mr. Lee's letter is a good example of this.
Phil Green, Nova Santa Ponsa
Dear Sir,
ZIONIST forces have invaded Lebanon and its planes have bombed Lebanese cities, including the capital, Beirut. The attack comes without any warning or declaration of war. Britain and France have “objected.” Just before dawn today, Zionist tanks, infantry and cavalry penetrated Lebanese territory on several fronts. Soon afterwards Zionist planes bombarded Lebanon's major cities. Air raids on Beirut began at 0900 local time. But the Zionists did not just aim for soldiers, they also shot at civilians. Groups of fleeing civilians often found themselves under attack. The more confusion and chaos the Zionists could create, the slower Lebanon could mobilize its forces.
The unprovoked attack follows yesterday's report on Zionist radio that a border town been raided by a group of Lebanese soldiers.
My heart bleeds today for the jews of Isreal and the Arabs of Lebanon, Palestine and the entire Middle East – all of whom are the victims of fanatical Zionist aggression.
Meb Cutlack


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