By Jason Moore

ITshould have been parliament´s finest hour, in the end it ended in farce with Wendi Murdoch proving to be the only person who had any guts. This was the big moment for parliament to bring the Murdochs to task over the alleged phone hacking allegations and wrongdoing at the now defunct News of the World.

But none of the MPs put the Murdochs under pressure, infact I though they were kind and generous towards the News Corp chief. One member even called Murdoch Mr. Rupert and he was allowed to bang the table on any occasion when he wanted to make a point.

He said he was unaware of any of the allegations made against the News of the World, and that was it. End of the story, thank you and goodnight. And then to make matters even worse, someone tries to throw a foam tart at Murdoch. The parliamentary committee was already on the ropes and then there is an enormous breach of security. You can imagine Murdoch`s reaction in private, “what sort of show are you running here.” His wife thankfully lept to his defence long before the police came on the scene. I don´t know why there wasn´t an officer standing next to Murdoch because after all he is quite an important man. But there we go. The whole world saw how a group of rather incompetent MPs tried to question Murdoch over the allegations and then they saw how a man came close to throwing a “tart.” The mother of all parliaments, more like a kindergarten.


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